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whenever you start a new business set up in UAE, you must make sure what type of contribution will your partners make in the business. this is such an important thing and you must sort it out before anything. This is because there are different types of contributions that are made by different partners of one company. One might contribute to the land or money while the other might contribute in the equipment or IP. This shows that there are different contributions made by different people. so, make sure that you have a proper idea about the role played by your partners regarding their contributions to the copyright business name and all.

Investment projects

in the case of different investment projects, there are no less than 2 parties that work together to bring a project into existence. These two parties may include an author and an investor. The author will be the one who has the project as well as the prototype whereas the investor will be the one who will pay the finances for the project. He has all the money to give t the author so that he may work on his project without any financial problems.

Intellectual contribution

We are all aware of the fact that the person who invests in the project has a clear contribution in it while the one who is the author faces different problems in proving the value of his real contributions. Go to this link to find more info

Share contributions for company registration in Dubai

This is the reason why proper negotiations should be carried out between all the armies who contribute in the project. If a lot of people contribute to bringing a project in existence, all of them should be given value and all of them should be admired as well. in this way, all the future business partners will be able to negotiate about all the sharing distribution and this will give value to their contributions as well.

You can also use the already existing legal entities instead of using physical assets or money for the formation of authorized capital. You can get different legal structures for them in UAE as well.

What Documents Do You Need to Prepare for Trademark Registration in UAE?

Trademark Registration Dubai

Get your trademark registered but before that make sure that you carry out all the important negotiations so that you do not have to face any trouble regarding your business. if you do not discuss everything in detail from the start, you can face a lot of problems in the long run which is so not good for the health of your business. so, make sure that you take care of all such things from the very start.

All the people who contribute to the project should be acknowledged and everyone should have real value as well. this is how the things would be able to work in a proper way without making anything not suitable for anyone.

Whoever contributes in a business is a part of it and that should be admired.

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