Saving A Lot When You Shop Car Insurance the Right Way

How often does it happen that you are driving flawlessly and get hit by some moron? Or you are sitting idle in traffic and a bike comes and rams into the rear end of your car? Though there was no fault of yours, you will now have to get those repairs done. If you are lucky enough, the other person will pay something for the damages. But you can rely everything on luck now, can you? The easier option then is to buy car insurance.

This above is just one of the scenarios where a car insurance comes in handy, getting the repairs done without shelling out a lot of money from your pockets. If you meet with an accident and it results in injuries or damages to another person or property, your policy will take care of that, again, ensuring that you do not pay money from your pockets. If these reasons aren’t compelling enough, you must buy car insurance because the law mandates it. As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, all cars must have a valid car insurance to be deemed legal for road usage.

Never Shop For Car Insurance without These Great Tactics

Now that we know that car insurance is both mandatory and a must to drive your car, here are tips to help you shop better.

  • Insurance Type

There are primarily two types of car insurance that you can buy in the country. It is essential to understand which one suits your needs and makes sense. The two insurance types are third party liability and comprehensive insurance.

While the first is the bare minimum requirement for you to drive the car, the later provides a lot more value for money and features. Though the comprehensive insurance is recommended, you can decide which one would make the cut for you.

  • Add-Ons

When you buy insurance via agents, there is a high probability that they will sell you add-ons. Though there is nothing wrong with buying an add-on but getting the wrong add-on makes all the difference. Add-ons are great to enhance the capabilities of your car insurance and make them worthwhile. Therefore, it is recommended to buy one only as per your requirement.

Knowledge That Can Save You Money on Car Insurance

You must not blindly choose insurance because your friend, colleague or agent said so. In fact, there are a lot of small ways by which you can save money on your car insurance premium. Following are some of them.

  • Do not claim

Yes, you read it right. We have the tendency of claiming the insurance for even the smallest of cases. Should you avoid doing that for every small case, you can save a substantial amount of money in the form of NCB or No Claims Bonus. So, be judicious with your claims.

  • Pay deductibles voluntarily

When you claim your insurance policy, there is a component that you must pay as a mandatory deduction. You have the option of choosing this amount. Policy holders can opt for a slightly higher deductible which reduces the insurance premium.

  • IDV

IDV or Insured Declared Value plays a key role in deciding the insurance premium amount for your policy. Thus, it makes sense to opt for a lower IDV right? Not necessarily. A lower IDV might help you in reducing the premium up front, but it might have some repercussions later on. You need to strike a balance while selecting the IDV if you want to reduce the insurance premium.

  • Go Online

You can buy almost anything these days online. Car insurance is no different. When you buy or scout for a car insurance online, you will definitely save a substantial amount of the premiums. The simple reason is, insurance companies do not have to pay the intermediaries and the same is passed on to you.

  • Compare

Another great way to save money on your insurance premium is to compare them. When you compare different policies, you get to know what each insurer is offering. Based on the features offered, the price of the policy and post sales service of the insurer, you can zero down on a car insurance policy.

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