Services Offered By The Houston Credit Union

Houston Credit Union (HCU) is a non-profit financial organization providing its members with various financial goods and services. Since its founding in 1940, HCU has provided affordable financial services to all residents of the Houston metropolitan area. An extensive rundown of the services that Houston Credit Union offers will be provided below.

Checking Accounts

Houston Credit Union provides a selection of checking accounts to accommodate its members’ needs. For those looking for a straightforward, no-frills account, HCU’s free checking account is ideal. Members pay no monthly maintenance fees and are not charged to use their debit card at any HCU or CO-OP network ATM. In contrast to the youth checking account, intended for those under 18, the Houston Credit Union rewards checking account rewards members with cashback rewards on eligible purchases.

Savings Accounts

Regular savings, money market, and certificates of deposit are among the options for savings accounts that Houston Credit Union provides. HCU’s money market is an excellent choice for those looking to save for the future because members can earn higher interest rates with them.


Houston Credit Union offers a range of loan options to assist members in achieving their financial objectives. Houston Credit Union has you covered whether you require a credit card, personal loan, auto loan, or home loan. While their auto loans offer competitive rates and flexible terms, HCU’s loans are ideal for unforeseen expenses. The home loans offered by Houston Credit Union, such as mortgages and home equity loans, are also available to members.

Mobile And Online Banking

To enable its members to manage their accounts from any location, Houston Credit Union offers online and mobile banking services. Members of Houston Credit Union have access to online banking services that allow them to pay bills, view transaction histories, check account balances, and more. With the addition of check depositing via smartphone, HCU’s mobile banking app offers all the same features as online banking.

Retirement and Investment Services

For the benefit of its members, Houston Credit Union provides investment and retirement planning services. Members of Houston Credit Union can work with financial advisors to develop a unique investment plan that includes stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Additionally, members have access to Houston Credit Union’s retirement planning services.

Business Banking

For companies of all sizes, Houston Credit Union also offers financial services. The business banking services offered by Houston Credit Union include merchant services, loans, and checking accounts. Houston Credit Union has the financial solutions you need, whether you run a small business or a large corporation.

Credit Cards

Numerous credit card options from Houston Credit Union are available, including reward cards and cards with low-interest rates. Whether they want to earn rewards on purchases or avoid paying interest fees, members can select the card that best suits their needs.

Community Involvement

Houston Credit Union is devoted to supporting the community it serves. It also provides financial education classes and seminars to assist members in enhancing their financial literacy.

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