What Should You Do If You’re Forcibly Forced to Shoot?

We’re all framed by social conditioning to see firearms as either wicked devices or as a kind of protection against wickedness. The issue with firearms is particularly frightening because it’s ultimately terminal; violence involving firearms can lead to murder, manslaughter, and (sometimes) justifiable homicide. 

You might be a victim in a circumstance where you’re forced to shoot someone. It’s not going to be pretty, and you’ll want to know what the legal repercussions will be.  Although there are countless factors that impact criminal and civil liabilities, there are points that apply to every situation. Learning what they are before the fact could save your hide in the long run. Against that backdrop, here are some tips for what you should do if you’re forcibly forced to shoot a firearm in self-defense against an attacker.

There are three steps: 

  • Call the police 

– Assuming you’ve dealt with the situation and it’s over with, you need to call the police. If no one is dead (or dying), don’t touch anything and call 911. Without an objective perspective, you’re likely not going to identify everything for them or behave in a way that doesn’t make the situation worse.

  • Calmly tell the story

– What should you do if you’re killed, injured, or captured because of a terrorist attack? Simply tell the story. That is, tell your story calmly and clearly. You will have time to work on the details while you are being taken care of by the first responders to the scene. The job of first responders is to take care of those involved in an emergency. Their job isn’t to investigate what happened or collect evidence. Those details come later after everyone has been taken care of and victims are transported to local hospitals.

  • Know that you did everything right

If you must fight to save your life, we want to make sure you go home alive! Our experts have been in life-threatening and high-risk situations—they will teach you exactly what to do.  We understand that you are scared, but the curriculum is designed so that even regular people like you can react in the correct way, at the correct time, and with 100% confidence.

What other alternatives are available before I shoot?

It’s hard to know where to start if you’re a beginner. You’ll find ranges are intimidating with all the guns and gunshots, it’s loud and generally not a welcoming place for beginners. Also, if you want to shoot handguns or shotguns, you’ll most likely require a government-issued firearms license.

Knowing what to do if you are ever under the pressure of having to use your gun to protect yourself or others is essential. Even if you never find yourself in that situation, living by this code will help guide you through difficult decisions and heighten your consciousness of safety and responsibility at all times.

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